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Infuse Pump Murah Mindray SK 600i terbaru

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harga infuse pump mindray bbraunInfuse Pump Murah Mindray SK 600i terbaru

Type terbaru dari seri Sk medical infuse pump, Infuse pumpo mindray sk 600i, dengan tampilan baru. Dilengkapi dengan berbagia fitur yang lengkap. Dengan harga terjangkau cocok untuk budget rendah.

Mindray Infuse pump sk 600i

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Specifications and functions
Dimension 146 x 193 x 95mm
Infusion set Applicable to GB 8368-2005 disposals; diametersΦ3.5-4.5mm, thickness 0.8-1.2mm
Infusion mode Rate mode, Time mode, Body weight mode, Sequential mode
Flow rate range 0.1~1500ml/h
Accumulated volume 0.1~9999 ml
VTBI 0.1~999.9 ml, increment is 0.1 ml; 1000-9999ml, increment is 1ml
Increment 0.1~999.9 ml/h, increment is 0.1 ml/h; 1000~1500 ml/h, increment is 1 ml/h
Accuracy ≤ ±5%
KVO rate 0.1-5.0 ml/h, adjustable, increment is 0.1ml/h
Bolus rate 0.10-1500ml/h
Purge rate 800ml/h
Occlusion Low 150±125 mmHg (20kPa); Medium 525±125 mmHg (70kPa); High 900±180 mmHg (120 kPa)
Air bubble detection Single bubble detection: 50, 100, 250, 500, 800μl
Accumulated bubble detection: 0.1-4.0ml/h, adjustable
Screen 3.0” LCD monochrome screen, 240 x 128 pixels
Titration Yes, increment is 0.1ml/h
Keypad lock Yes
Pause Yes
Self-test system Yes
Last therapy parameter memory Yes
Drug library 200 drugs
History record 1500 events
Weight ≤1.6kg (not including clamp)
Handle Embedded handle
Mounting type Standard: Vertical Pole
Alarm Volume 1-8  levels selectable
Language 8, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, German
VTBI done, VTBI near done, KVO finish, Bottle empty, door open, IV set not installed, occlusion, air in line, drop error, system error, system abnormal, battery low, battery empty, reminder, AC power disconnection, standby end
Safety Requirement
AC power 100-240V (50/60Hz, 0.4-0.14A)
DC power 10-16V (2.25-1.5A)
Battery type Lithium
Battery operation time ≥4 hours@25ml/h
Charging time ≤6 hours@100%
Classification CF, Class I
IP Grade IP 34
Temperature 5~40ºC for operating, -20~60ºC for storage
Humidity 15~95%  for operating, 10~95% for storage
Air pressure 57~106kPa for operating, 50~106kPa for storage
Data interface Supported, RS232
Nurse Call Supported

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